A Year In Review 2017

Cops N Kids

It has been a great year for the Foundation and I believe we have managed to light some candles over the past 12 months in our local communities. We have had some new members join our board. We welcome Tom White from Coulter Roache and Andrew Jones from NEM Australasia Pty Ltd.

I want to have a quick look at what our goals were for 2016. We wanted to place a defibrillator in every APCO. We haven’t achieved that this year but we have worked towards this goal. The first defibrillator should be in Bairnsdale in the next couple of months. This is certainly a work in progress and we will continue to work on placing them in every APCO site over the next months.

We wanted to organize a Heritage Wine Walk in Geelong and this was a very successful event. Our first Heritage wine walk was a lot of work to set up and the board had a big job on their plate to ensure its success. We had seven local Geelong Venues and 14 wineries involved. The weather was on our side and it was a fabulous day! We had 247 people attend and we raised $18.928.64. We had some amazing feedback

“Well done - not just on a phenomenal fund-raising effort, but also an amazingly well organised event.Cannot believe it was your first one! The wines were great, the food excellent (especially the calamari and the sausage rolls), and all the volunteers and staff were exceptional, especially the Italian wine man.”

"I thought it was a wonderful day and full credit must be given to you and your team. From the professional online booking system to the great venues, fine wines, delicious food and friendly helpers, it was a day we shall remember for some time to come"

The advertising cost us a lot this year as we wanted to get the message out. We will most likely have to spend more on advertising again this year, but it is a long term plan to make this one of Geelong’s premier events and to make us a lot of money for the foundation in the future.

We set up a foundation box to give to franchisees to use at their own fundraisers to raise awareness of the foundation. The box includes T-shirts with our logo on it, hats with our logo on it, and tins to rattle with our logo on it. This is stored at Head office and is available to be sent to stores when they need it.

We had an awareness day to raise public awareness of the foundation in September. It was a pyjama day and staff got to dress up in their PJ’s and wear a badge that said “Ask me why I’m wearing PJ’s” It was a great day and the stores that joined in found it had a lot more benefits that just raising awareness for the foundation. It created a great working atmosphere and was a real team building exercise for the franchisee and staff members. It was a successful initiative that we will repeat in the coming year.

I guess the real measure of our success over the past year was how much money we raised and how much money we gave out. A detailed P&L appears at the end of this report but here is a short financial account of the past 12 months.

Mary Anne Carew ran the race day this year and it was a very successful fundraising event. Last year the amount raised was $28,000. We had Steve Hooker, Kevin Sheedy and Ian Cover as guest speakers and we sold out our tables before we had even advertised the race day! Geelong Racing club were extremely supportive and provided a great day for all who attended. We sold 8 races off for $1500 each and each ticket cost $100. This year we raised $39402.25 due to the support of Head Office picking up more or our costs. This is wonderful as it makes the nearly all the money raised profit. The Geelong Racing Club has made us their Charity Partner for their Father’s Day Race day this year. We will be able to have a raffle on the tables and we will have people walking around rattling donation tins. We are very grateful for their support.

APCO Head Office also supports us by donating 10c for every bottle of Chill Water, every bag of Chill Treats and every bottle of APCO Oil Sold. The past year has seen this support add $10,123.50 to our fundraising total.

22c Twosdays was an amazing idea from Andrew Augustine, from the APCO marketing team and one of our very valued board members. Andrew is always looking for opportunities to link the stores and the foundation together and 22c Twosdays does that. Every Tuesday every store supports the foundation by donating 22c from every coffee sold to the foundation. It is a very generous initiative by the Franchisees as they donate 5c per coffee and the remaining money comes from Head Office. We expect this to raise us around $20.000 over the next 12 months. We are so grateful to Andrew Augustine who gives so much back to the foundation and gives up a lot of his own time to support us.

PURE WAX continues to sell their products at out sites. Every time they visit a site we get $500. This adds up to $21.500 over 12 months. PURE WAX also supported our race day by sponsoring a table and they paid for the Heritage Wine Walk bags and brochures which was a huge saving to us. They have recently placed in all our stores a product produced with the APCO FOUNDATION logo on it that will sell for $39.95. It has a bottle of Pure Wax and two cloths in it. The foundation will receive $5.00 for every box sold. The franchisee makes a 36% margin as well so it is a great product which we are marketing for Father’s day with signage in all the stores.

Gigante continue to support the foundation and we are so grateful for their generosity. They still don’t want any public recognition but they are supporting the 22c Twosday as well. They are an amazing corporate partner who believes in supporting the community around them.

I have attached a list of all the people/groups/foundations that we have supported this year. We have so many requests and it is very difficult when have to say no. Jan Carroll does an amazing job in this area and I would like to thank her for taking on such a difficult and time consuming job. I am not going to mention here all the donations that have been made, but we have given back to every community around the APCO sites over the past 12 months. This is the best part of being involved in the APCO Foundation and that is when we get to say ‘yes ‘ to someone in need. We have increased the amount to $1000 per site over the next 12 months.

I want to say a very big thank you to all our board members. The foundation could not exist without you and your very generous support. Jill Wood is the day to day face of the foundation and is responsible for the day to day management of our books which she does with great care. Christine Healy and Jenny Brennan have spent hours making sure that everything balances and we are accountable for every cent that goes in and out. This is a painstaking job and we owe them a big thank you. Mary Anne Carew is our secretary and that is a big job with minutes to be completed every meeting and also running the race day for the first time so successfully. Lyn Martin is now looking after Pure Wax and is our Liaison officer with them.

Jan Carroll has an enormous job keeping track of all our donations and is responsible for the very difficult no letters and the joyful responsibility for saying yes as well! Andrew Augustine is an invaluable member that does so much for the foundation thinking up great ways we can raise more money and by helping with the day to day marketing or our events and raising awareness of the foundation. Our new members Andrew Jones and Tom White are helping us with the legalities and corporate responsibilities that we need to address. Tom has written a new Constitution which will be tabled at our AGM and this will give us good solid guidelines to continue to grow the APCO foundation in the coming years.

Sharon Gleeson - Chairwoman