APCO Service Stations has responded to a community rally held at the Epping APCO

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APCO Service Stations Pty Ltd has responded to a community rally held at the Epping APCO outlet this afternoon.

The rally was in support of former APCO franchisee Mr Frank Eid of Mouzaya Pty Ltd who is in a protracted legal dispute with APCO and had locked himself inside the outlet since May 25.

APCO Director Mr Robert Anderson said he understood the community’s desire to support Mr Eid and his family after they had been part of the neighborhood for so many years, but it is important people hear the facts that led to the termination of Mr Eid’s franchise agreements.

These facts have been misrepresented on social media and in the mainstream news.

The franchise agreements with Mr Eid’s company Mouzaya terminated as a result of its failure to remedy serious breaches of those agreements including its failure to provide accurate financial statements, the misleading representation of other debts and Mouzaya’s insolvency.

APCO also holds grave concerns about whether Mouzaya was fulfilling its obligations to its employees under the Fair Work Act. APCO’s investigation into Fair Work matters, including its failure to pay proper entitlements to employees, is continuing.

“APCO has been tirelessly negotiating an outcome on behalf of the innocent parties that have been embroiled in this unfortunate dispute,” Mr Anderson said. “We are a familyowned business that always acts with integrity and deals with people in a respectful manner. APCO has made significant attempts to amicably resolve matters but those attempts have been unsuccessful due to Mr Eid’s other complex personal legal circumstances.”

Mr Anderson said APCO had developed a strong network of 25 franchisees over 25 years and found its good name at risk because of Mr Eid’s company’s disregard for its obligations, and inability to pay its debts.

“APCO was left with no alternative but to act and protect the integrity of the franchise agreement that binds our business together” he said. For further

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