Over the next 12 months our goals are to

• Grow the Heritage Wine Walk by doubling the numbers and our profit.
• Continue to work on the defibrillator placement into the APCO sites.
• Continue to raise awareness of the foundation in the community.

It is a privilege to be involved with this wonderful group of people and to be part of giving back to our communities in the areas of health, poverty, education and disaster relief. We want to continue to win the support of the franchisees, staff, customers and the broader APCO community in the coming year as we work towards a successful fundraising 12 months ahead!

Sharon Gleeson - APCO Foundation Chair


The APCO Foundation is heading into our third year. We have established two major fundraising events. Our Race for A Reason Race day which raised 28,000 and our first Heritage wine walk ran in February. It was a lot of work by the committee who worked extremely hard to execute what was a fantastic and seamless event. 7 heritage venues around Geelong hosted 2 wineries each and provided canapes for our 250 participants. We raised 18.972 due to the sponsorship of Pure Wax, Apco, and All things in print. We had to spend a lot of money on advertising this year to promote the event which put our costs up quite a bit. Next year we hope to have 500 people and double the amount raised.

APCO Head Office support the foundation by donating 10c for every bag of Chill Treats, Chill Water and APCO OIL sold and have handed over $10,156.20 in the past year. We have donation boxes on every counter and the amount raised over the last 12 months is $16,821.70. Pure Wax for those that don’t know visit each of our sites for a week at a time to sell their product quality product which cleans cars without water. They have donated 21,000 so far and they sponsored our other fundraiser the heritage wine walk by paying for our bags and our booklets. We also have another company linked closely to Apco that don’t want to be mentioned that donate $2000 a month to the foundation which is very generous.

I think of the foundation as a house we are building. We have built a solid foundation with the support of our franchisees, Head office and the amazing committee that volunteer for the foundation. We are starting to build some framework around the foundation with the addition of our two major fundraisers and the support of our corporate community. We don’t have electricity for the house yet but we are lighting candles in the window frames. We made a small difference in the life of some young children with cancer when we gave cops n kids 10,000. We gave cottage by the sea 12,000 over the past year and I like to think there were lots of candles lit in that window as those kids got to get away from the pressures of their home life and enjoy a carefree week with the amazing people from cottage by the sea.

We lit candles in other windows when we gave to the Bacchus march bluebird house that supports those addicted to drugs and alcohol , to the Trickey Twins Trust, (twin boys that lost their father to cancer) to a family from Ballarat that have 3 sons diagnosed with motor neurone disease, to the Burrumbuttock hay runners who help farmers in drought affected areas, to the Andrew love centre in Geelong to help build a new chemotherapy and pharmacy unit , and to a young mother in Geelong diagnosed with motor neurone disease. In Wye River we are paying rent for a year to a family that lost their father to cancer and then lost their house and everything they owned to the Xmas day fires. There is a list attached of who we have donated to over the past two years and the amounts.

We are working to turn the lights on through the whole house but we hope our candles will get bigger and brighter over the coming years.

Sharon Gleeson - APCO Foundation Chair