Cops N Kids

Cops N Kids

The Apco Foundation is thrilled to support The "Copsnkids" program as their first project. It is an extremely worthy cause and is a program run by Ballarat Police, in conjunction with many organisations, including Royal Children's Hospital and Challenge; a support network for children with cancer and their families. It is run at no cost to the attendees due to the generosity of the Ballarat community and businesses. Local businesses, community and service groups, as well as the general community and tourist operators donate time, money and services to ensure that the children attending the Cops ‘N' Kids camp have a time to remember.

The program conducts two camps each year and various other activities and outings, such as Puffing Billy train ride, Adventure Park, in Geelong. The two camps are the Ballarat families Camp, which is conducted at Maldon, usually held in October and the Ballarat Camp, which is usually held in November.

The children attending the Ballarat camp are selected from those undergoing treatment at The Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne and are aged between 4 and 8 years of age. They are from all over Regional Victoria. The children, their carers and the support staff totalling about 140 people are accommodated at Sovereign Hill Lodge, Magpie Street, Ballarat. Local Police officers take time out to attend the camp over the 4 days giving a special thrill for the kids to hang out with the "Cops".

The idea of the weekend is to allow some respite for the families with seriously ill children from the everyday anxieties and caring responsibilities of their child.

From 1996's first camp for 16 children we have grown to accommodate approximately 60 children since 2000. The camp is held in November each year with a budget of between $270,000 and $280,000.

To date 595 children and countless numbers of carer's, volunteer's and police members have had the opportunity to be part of these camps.

Sharon Gleeson - APCO Foundation Chair


Cops N Kids

We had a foundation meeting on Tuesday May 6th and we asked Dave Collins from Cops n Kids to come and collect a big fat cheque from us!! We passed him a cheque for $25,000!!!

He was thrilled and told us how it will take the pressure of this year, as they will be safe in the knowledge that they have enough money to give the kids some amazing experiences.

He gave us a video of the camp which we will put up on our website. The money will go to giving kids aged 4 - 8 with cancer some wonderful memories in their November camp this year. They take away over 50 children every year from all over Victoria.

I think this year’s camp is going to be amazing and there will be some very happy cherubs who absolutely deserve to be spoiled! Have a look at the video and share in some of the joy! I think you will see how special these kids are as they escape for a weekend away from their illness and hospitals

Thank you to the APCO Community that have supported the Foundation with their enthusiasm and generosity.

Sharon Gleeson - APCO Foundation Chair


Cops N Kids

Yoland Marshall, Phil and I went to the Cops n Kids Camp on Friday afternoon to meet Dave Collins and hand over our first cheque!!

What an experience! Yoland , Phil and I arrived at the Sebastopol fire station to see 48 kids and their volunteer carers pour out of 3 buses and run into the fire brigade. Police cars with sirens going and fire trucks honking as loud as they could! The excitement was palpable! The smell of sausages and kids with their faces painted and sauce dripping down their hands as they devoured the sausages in bread and lapped up the ice cream and topping was just wonderful. Firemen, police, kids and carers looked happy and content!

I wish you had all been there to see how grateful and excited these wonderful generous people were, with your $ 10,000 cheque. The kids could have cared less! But if I could describe their beautiful little faces to you and you could have seen the fun they had playing games with the firemen, and then be reminded that every one of these kids were facing challenges that most of us as adults would struggle with, it made you blink back a tear. Some of these children won't make it to another camp.

All those amazing big fireman stood in the street and gazed down the highway as they watched the kids drive away and you could see on their faces a mixture of emotions. Today the APCO Community as a group made a difference. As you sit in your offices and stand behind your tills you can be sure there are 48 very ill but very happy children and their grateful families that you have made a huge difference to.

I am attaching some photos Phil took so you can share in the moment too.

Sharon Gleeson - APCO Foundation Chair